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Your pregnancy beat by beat

Listening to the first heartbeat of your baby with fetal doppler of Baby Heart Beat is unforgettable moments. Save the best moments of your life or record the heartbeats in our App, you can share the records with your families, friends and with anyone in social media.



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Feel your such a big love who keeps growing, from week 16 of your pregrancy.


  • Track your pregnancy beat by beat

  • Listen to your baby's heartbeat in real time

  • Use the fetal doppler at home and whenever you want

  • Take it everywhere thanks to its pocket size


Track and save sounds and graphs together with the echographies, pacifiers and his/her first tooth.

You will be creating memories for your baby's future.

  • Look the graphs in our APP

  • Check the sound analysis performed by the APP itself

  • Connect to your baby 

  • Trust one the most precise devices on the market

  • Save all the recordings and check them whenever you want


You are a mother from the moment you hear the heartbeat of your baby for the first time. Does everyone know it?

Share with them the emotion of that moment.

  • Send your families and friends the sound of your baby's heartbeat.

  • Share the news of your pregnancy in social medias.

  • Use the fetal doppler along with your partner, it will engage you even more.

Safe for your baby

The fetal Doppler device complies with all the security measures required for home use at home. The responsible use of the device does not pose any risk to the baby that is brewing in the uterus of the future mother.


Trustable y


The fetal doppler Baby Heart Beat is one of the most accurate and reliable devices on the market. The control of your pregnancy must always be in the hands of a medical team. Use this technology to live the day to day process and enjoy your pregnancy. It is recommended to carefully read the instructions for use before using it for the first time.


1 year of


The product has a one year warranty. This warranty covers any error or failure of the material, design and manufacturing manifested during the warranty period. Normal wear of the device or its components, aesthetic changes in the device, failures or damage caused by the use or operation of the device in an incorrect, inadequate or contrary to the operation and service instructions are excluded from this warranty.

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