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This is meant for ONLY APP product activation. Once requested and completed the order, you will receive a code to activate the APP and use it with any Fetal Doppler device which can get connected with your mobile phone via AUX connection.
Here is a couple of Fetal Doppler products which are compatible with our Baby Heart Beat APP:

1. Baby Sound A from Contec Medical Systems,

2. Angel Sounds from Jumper Medical.


The remote monitoring system of Baby Heart Beat is adoptable to low risk fetal doppler medical devices which are connected to a mobile phone via AUX connection and will make it possible to check the well being of your fetus anytime and wherever you are. You are be able to record and store the data over the cloud and share it with your doctor when needed, and also enjoy the lovely moments by sharing your baby's heartbeat with your family and friends in real-time.

APP subscription Baby Heart Beat

  • First you need to register with your personal information in the APP of Baby Heart Beat available in Google Play & Apple Store. Once registered, you can review a Demo version in the APP. In order to be able to start monitoring, the APP needs to be activated with the serial number which is provided by placing the order here. The activation code is bound to a single user and for a period of 9 months max.

    Once you are connected via the Baby Heart Beat APP and fetal monitoring system to your fetal doppler device, you will be able to record and store your personal fetal data in the cloud and access it anytime you want and forever . You can share the result with your doctor and their families. The remote fetal monitoring system would allow you to have continuous control over the well-being of your baby.

  • First, please download the app ‘Baby Heart Beat’ from the Apple Store or Google Play. Open the app and begin the activation process. The activation code is bound to a single user and for a period of 9 months max.


    Second, please select either “sign up now” or enter your “email and serial number” associated with the device.


    Signing up now? Please provide your first name, last name, email address, and clinical information, such as: Doctor ID, age, current pregnancy illnesses, previous pregnancy illnesses, and last menstrual period.


    Last, please accept our terms and conditions and our marketing communication and privacy policy.

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