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The fetal Doppler complies with the safety measures required for health products and should not be replaced by monitoring the pregnancy of a medical team. The responsible use of the device does not pose any risk to the baby that is brewing in the uterus of the future mother.

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Baby Heart Beat, Smart Fetal Doppler + APP

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Adaptador iPhone
  • Technology in health and pregnancy has evolved greatly in recent years. The fetal doppler previously reserved only for professionals in the medical sector has already arrived at our homes. Combining the technology of this small appliance with the possibilities that our smartphones offer us today, we achieve increasingly amazing experiences. Baby Heart Beat was born so that new generations of parents can fully enjoy the pregnancy experience. With the fetal doppler at home it is possible to live more frequently and more intensely the experience of listening to the sound of the baby's heart.

    The Baby Heart Beat fetal doppler is connected to the smartphone through an APP that allows you to listen to the baby's heartbeat from the 12th week of pregnancy, in real time. Its round and compact design and its small size make it very comfortable, easy to use and take anywhere. This is important because once you have tried it, it will be very difficult for you to separate from it.

    The compact and comfortable design will allow you to take it anywhere. The Baby Heart Beat fetal Doppler goes one step further because it also allows you to record the beats of the fetus by connecting it to the BabyHeartBeat mobile application. Another differential aspect of this device is that it allows you to record, save and share audio and sound graphics with friends, family or with your doctor, thus creating memories for the baby's future.

    If you have a high-risk pregnancy or are simply interested in connecting with your baby before birth, you'll love listening, recording and sharing your baby's heartbeat with your loved ones through our free iOS and Android app.

  • Description of the product:
    Fetal Doppler with high precision.

    EU certification:

    European homologation: CE0123. Directive 93/42 / EEC sobre Dispositivos Médicos (MDD). Regulation (CE) nº G1 16 06 50972 050.


    1 Doppler device. 2 battery AAA+. 1 User Manual for instructions and warranty. 1 ultrasound Gel. 1 Earphone. 1 cable AUX.

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